Gippsland Seed Services Pty Ltd is an Australian Company that specialises in Contract Seed Production.

Gippsland Seed Services in Newmerella Victoria Australia is certified to ISO 9001.

Gippsland Seed Services is a specialised non GMO corn seed production company.

We are focused on non GMO, hybrid and parent seed production for customers around the world. We have extensive experience with Sweetcorn(all genotypes), Maize and Popcorn.

We can manage the whole supply chain of hybrid seed production through to delivery to your customer, in your packaging with all required documentation, or any part of that chain. We carry out large scale commercial production and offer management of the parent seed from introduction, nursery work through to full scale hybrid production, grading, processing and shipping.

We ship to all countries of the world outside of USA.

Our operation is unique in the world of non GMO seed production – there is no GMO corn grown anywhere in Australia.

All of our seed – regardless of source – is GMO tested into and out of our operation. We have never had a positive reading for GMO on any crops we have ever produced.

Our operation offers you:

  • Non GMO Status
  • Our Climate & Location
  • Hybrid & Inbred Production
    • Hybrid production isolations
    • Inbred production isolations
  • Nursery Production
    • Inbred Selfing / Bulking
    • Hybrid Crossing
    • Topcrosses
    • Growouts
    • Hybrid Yield Trials (replicated plots)
    • Inbred Increases
    • Flowering and production data
  • Seed Processing Operations
    • Grading, treating and packing facility
    • Shipping and Export management.
    • Long term seed storage